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Work Experience As an Accountant

Colenbrander is passionate about the accountancy industry of the future. Our unique careers focus gives aspiring accountants the chance to experience the industry when these career decisions need to be made: at high school level.

As part of our career development vision, Colenbrander believes in fostering a passion for accounting among young students. We regularly host learners from various local high schools who wish to find out what a career in accounting is really like. The Grade 11 Work Experience Programme forms part of schools’ Life Orientation syllabus and we couldn’t be happier to offer budding “Bean Counters” an immersive, fun, and informative experience with our team. There is a wide variety of careers under the umbrella of the accounting profession and we believe that, by offering young learners practical insight, we are helping them to make informed career decisions. It is always rewarding to hear how those involved in the programme value their experience and, if any of them decide to pursue a career in the field, we are honoured to have been one of the elements that shaped their paths.

Get Work Experience At Colenbrander

Make the most of your work experience week by joining the Colenbrander Work Experience Programme.

I’ve loved every minute of my experience. The people are so wonderful and were always available to help with any questions I had about this career. I’m so thankful to Colenbrander for this opportunity.

Carla Widlake

Exciting Options for School-Leavers

Are you looking for a qualification that provides a range of exciting possibilities for your future career?
Why not make a choice that allows you to immediately earn a salary while studying for a degree? Becoming a Chartered Accountant or a Professional Accountant will give you virtually unlimited career choices and earning potential in the future.

By studying while working with us, you could benefit from:

  • Earning money while you study, without jeopardising your long-term earning potential
  • Getting relevant work experience while studying and the opportunity to put your knowledge to immediate use
  • Working alongside people who have already done the same thing, so you have constant support and mentoring
  • Learning to understand and manage your own – and other peoples’ – money
  • Having the chance to develop your own specialty in the future

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