Does your accountant leave you feeling like just another number?

At Colenbrander our clients are the most important visitors to our premises. They are not dependent on us, we are dependent on them, they are not an interruption of our work, they are the purpose for it. They are not outsiders to our business, they are a part of it. We are not doing them a favour by serving them, they are doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.  




We know that numbers can be intimidating,

we work with them all the time.



We know that sometimes it is difficult to understand what your

numbers are telling you about your business. 


We know that dealing with your taxes can be confusing and frustrating.

These are things we can help you with. Contact us today and we will help these stresses go away!


Your Success is Our Reward! 

Colenbrander News & Events 

 February 2016

Congratulations Tess Le Roux!



Tess won 1st, 3rd and 4th position on two different horses at the Canterbury Show in PMB near Oribi on Saturday 20th February. A special congratulations to Tess! We are very proud of our entire team of diverse and dynamic staff.                

 February 2016

Clifton Golf Day


Colenbrander sponsored the 9th Tee of the Clifton Golf Day on Sunday the 7th February. The Colenbrander team was proud to finish 5th overall. The day was enjoyed by all who participated. 



 November - December 2015

Hockey Season


The social hockey season finished last night and we had some good results:

Colenbrander 1:

Colenbrander 2:

Won: 7              

Won: 3

Drew: 1              

Drew: 1

Lost: 1              

Lost: 5

Goals for:  53            

Goals for:  30

Goals against: 19 

Goals against:  33


 September 2015

Happy Secretary's Day


Our warm wishes go out to our reliable and resilient secretaries who hold everything together and truly are the backbone of the company. Without them we would surely be lost. We hope you enjoyed your breakfast ladies and gent. Keep up the excellent work.  



 August 2015

Stir the Pot - Staff Potjie Cook-off


Colenbranders had a festive evening of Potjie cooking on 21st August. All the teams stirred up a steamy storm which was enjoyed by the judges, the spectators, family and friends. To the right we see team "Cheeky Chops." This event was definitely one for the books.  



 July 2015

Affiliate Launch


Colenbrander is proud to announce the launch of Your Life book. Lifebook is an online portal that allows you to safely store all your important documents and assign trustees access so that they will be equipped to take care of matters should anything happen to you.



 June 2015

Corporate Social Investment


Colenbrander sponsored beanies for a charity hike to raise funds for an underprivileged primary school in the Drakensberg. The hike was 17 Km's and scaled 5 peaks. There were hikers from teens to a 76 year old lady.


1 April 2015

15 Years and Counting


Colenbrander was formed 15 years ago when Steve and a small group of Accountants bravely branched off to form a practice where every client is treated like they are the only client. The firm has grown over the years, has upgraded offices, employed more staff, trained more clerks and started up affiliate firms to form a family of organisations that help one another. But, it has never lost sight of the importance of taking care of each individual client, because each individual client really does matter at Colenbrander Inc.



 1 February 2015

Affiliate Launch


Graeme and Zelda have been valued Colenbrander clients for many years, they recruited Coltek (previously known as Colenbrander Technology) to help develop an exciting new initiative called, "Litres for Education." Please show your support by signing up for free online and simply using LFE affiliated petrol stations. 10c per litre of your fuel spend will then be donated to a beneficiary of your choice. Driving Education One Litre At a Time.  

 18 November 2014 

Social Club - Indoor Soccer


Colenbrander's Soccer team did exceptionally well and won gold medals in this year's indoor season. Congratulations guys! 


 23 October 2014 

Social Club - Hockey


Colenbrander's Hockey Team has had a great start to the season. They play games on Thursday evenings and offer free wors rolls to those that cheer them on. Our Social Club aims to provide a little bit of a lighter and more personal dynamic to our interactions with each other, hence our efforts to put together sporting teams/functions/events outside of office hours.  


 6 July 2014

Social Club - Cycling


Colenbrander's Cyclists did very well at the Creighton Aloe Festival bicycle race. They are looking very smart in their new kit and doing the company proud with these fantastic results;

From the left: Grant placed 1st for the men's 20km, Kim placed first in the ladies 20km, Jonty placed 5th and Rob placed 2nd in the men's 20km.